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We offer the best competitive prices for

Iron & Metal


From cans to baking trays, we’ll take that unwanted aluminum off your hands and put some extra change in your pocket.View Prices


Steel is one of the most recycled material. It can be reused over and over again, so there’s plenty of reasons for you to scrap it.View Prices


Let us take your old or broken vehicles from you and turn their scraps into cash, and free up some of your space!View Prices

Who We Are

We are buyers of all types of scrap metal including:

  • Tin
  • Steel
  • Appliances
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Aluminum

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Scrap Prices

Take a look at our scrap price list to see what type of materials we accept, and how much money you can earn for choosing to recycle with Franceski Iron and Metal. We proudly offer great, competitive prices as well as superior service.View Our Prices

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Do you have scrap metal that you no longer want? Bring it in to Franceski Iron & Metal and we’ll take care of the recycling process for you!